Greetings fellow earthlings.
My name is Ludicrous 3000, but you can call me Ludi. I am a retired battle warrior who used to be unbeatable in my younger years. Now, I spend most of my time coaching young Freakzz to fight the deadliest game in the Wild West of Web3. I’ll be honest with you, it's not easy everyday to teach the art of war to these creatures. But wait until you see their incredible potential…
We are living in an incredible age of change and renewal. Indeed, the bear market is upon us. It can be scary to some people, but it also opens a door to new opportunities.
With four insane DNAs and 250+ Assets living in an adrenaline boosting minigame world, Freakzz is a tribute to the misfits, the rebels, those bending the rules, those who see life in a different angle. The others can disagree, mock, praise or tear down but the only thing they can’t ignore is them because they change things, invent, push humanity forward. And while we are seen as the insane ones, we see genius, we see ideas, we see the future. If you recognise yourself in this, then you’re in the right place. We are looking for people like you to develop a community like no other. stick around for the freakiest ride in Web3.
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