Freakzz Gitbook

NFT Collection

Freakzz is an NFT collection of 5,000 zombies, vampires, ghosts and aliens on the Ethereum blockchain. 5000 Genesis collection + 9 Legendaries 2000 Zombies (40%) 1500 Vampires (30%) 1000 Aliens (20%) 500 Ghosts (10%) 9 Legendaries
Creative Process The collection was designed by top-notched digital artists with experience working on Game Of Thrones, Netflix and Disney and more. Naturally their past work influenced the collection’s creation.
Firstly, Leonardo Viti’s strong influence of pop culture, classical sculpture and background in animation allowed him to sketch the first ideas. The artist’s initial character sketches were based on fantastical creatures with humanoid features. Indeed, the small creatures have large round heads in proportion to the rest of their bodies, human-shaped eyes and teeth. These character designs firmly echoes Pop Art culture. The linework is pronounced, facial expressions exaggerated, colors flat. Secondly, Anthony Sieben who sculpted the dragons in Game of Thrones focused on the accessories and outfits. As our NFT characters - zombies, vampires, ghosts and aliens - usually represent fear and darkness, we’ve incorporated a fun and playful twist to their clothing line. Indeed the fashion & accessories are colorful with a post-apocalyptic touch.
Finally,Tom led lighting, lookdev and rendering. He mastered lighting and finishing touches on the 3d scenes.