Rent And Earn

Here at Freakzz, we value our community and we want to give everybody an opportunity to test out the Play And Earn version. For that reason, we built an NFT rental service within our platform.

This utility is simple but yet powerful as it provides opportunities for both NFT owners and NFT renters to generate revenue in mutually beneficial arrangements, as well as providing opportunities for low-cost fun experimentation.

From the NFT holder perspective, it allows you to list your NFT on the marketplace with your desired rental terms. Indeed, they will be required to decide the rental price per day; maximum rental period; renter criteria and write out a description of the utility of the NFT in which they plan to rent out. It creates a financial incentive by allowing them to earn money passively on NFTs that might otherwise just gather virtual dust in their digital wallet. From the renters' point of view, it opens an opportunity to test out the Freakzz Play And Earn game version or take advantage of an NFT’s utility they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford, even if only for a brief period.

The system is built upon smart contracts that manages NFTs renting agreements between lenders and borrowers. There will be no risk for your NFTs, our smart contract ensure the security and assure that will get back your NFT at the end of the rent. The renter will not be able to transfer the NFT, it will be locked in his wallet until the end of the rent period.

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